Open banking
The most secure and reliable Open Banking solution , bringing you the best of both worlds in terms of technological expertise and personalised service.
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A security-focused solution that is completely customisable and personalised.

Security & Privacy
By offering a dockerized solution, we are able to distribute directly from your servers and under your control. Transactions will only be accessible to you, giving you complete control over security and scalability.
A white-labelled solution
Exthand provides a smooth transition into your ecosystem by giving you greater control over the UX/UI: only your name and brand are visible.
Customer centric roadmap
Your priorities are Exthand's priorities, we will ensure that your ideas come alive and assist you in achieving your goals.
Developer friendly
Enjoy a simple and straightforward API without the clunky interface making it easy to understand. You can quickly scale as the needs of the development project change rather than being constrained by fixed SaaS products limitations.

We already have coverage in 94 countries and the number is growing daily.

Enhance your app with Open Banking features

Exthand supports you in introducing additional features to your app by utilising the Open Finance capabilities.
BankingSDK is recommended for licenced financial organisations
BankingSDK is the only product of its kind on the market which is made by developers for developers. It gives you the freedom and security your company requires. Data is transferred directly from banks to your cloud or on-premises infrastructure, bypassing our services and cloud servers.
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For start-ups & innovators worldwide
It is easy and straightforward to use our APIs to start payments, retrieve instant balances, a list of transactions, or access banks globally.
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Give your imagination free rein and leverage the power of Open Banking to develop the goods and services of the future.

Exthand's white-labelled API allows you to harness the power of Open Finance by incorporating payments and bank account information into your app, connecting your transactions from around the globe, ultimately optimising your financial management.
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Here are some of the advantages our API can bring to your app

Enable online payments for your users, instantaneous or bulk payments at a fixed rate, no credit cards, no fraud.
Account information
Get bank transactions and balances within seconds in a totally secure and a private way.
IBAN check
Instantly verify a bank account's ownership.
Data enrichment
Do you require information that goes beyond plain transactional data? We are able to offer increased automated corporate information such as location and activities
KYB process
Get information about bank account ownership to enforce your KYB/KYC processes
Confirmation of funds
Check your balance right away to eliminate any possibility of payment failure.
"Compared to competing solutions, Exthand has the following advantages:
- You own the data.
- Exthand's scope is crystal clear: they only provide the bank connections and will never compete with you.
- They have the best pricing out there."

Cédric Nève
Digiteal - CEO.
They are building the future using our solutions